Jamones Álvaro Galán is a family business run by the joint effort of its founders and their children. The company is built on the work of an excellent, goal-driven team that strives to always keep alive the philosophy with which the business was conceived and developed: the elaboration of a high-quality hambased, on the one hand, upon the one-hundred-year tradition of Montánchez’s ham, and, on the other hand, upon the care, patience and fondness devoted to its elaboration by the two founders of the business, D. Álvaro Galán y Dña. María SánchezIt was in the late 70s of the last century that Mr. Galán and Mrs. Sánchez managed to find the key to produce a high-end ham based on three fundamental factors, which were then characteristic of the business’ products: 100% natural curing, 100% handcrafted production and a constant search for the “perfect amount of salt.